Roberto Palumbo

Born in Naples in 1959, Roberto Palumbo has studied with world-famous mandolinists such as André Saint-Clivier, Giuseppe Anedda as well as Mauro Squillante, under whose guidance he received his diploma in mandolin at the “Niccolò Piccinni” Conservatory in Bari.
He has taken part in courses at the “Camerata de’ Musici” in Rome, in the Music Interpretation Seminar of the Festa Musica Pro in Assisi, in the Music Specialization Course in Carovigno and at the 37th, 40th, 41th, 42th and 44th edition of the International Early Music Course in Urbino.
He collaborated for many years in the "Città di Roma" Plectrum Orchestra and presently is the principal mandolinist of the Ensemble Mandolinistico Estense in Modena, with whom he has performed at various exhibitions such as the Gavignano Festival – Sounds, colours and savours of a holiday season and the seven editions of the performance ‘Na sera ‘e Maggio, which has become a regular fixture of Modena’s cultural scene. He is also a regular member of the “Niccolò Piccinni” Conservatory Plectrum Orchestra in Bari, with whom he has participated at the festival Concerti per l’Estate 2004 at the M.I.U.R. in Rome, at the show Aspettando il Natale organized by M.I.U.R. in Milan in 2004 and 2005, at the Concert in Salsomaggiore Terme in June 2007, again organized by M.I.U.R., at the Concert for the Inauguration of the Academical Year of the Italianistic Professorship of Szczecin University (Poland) in october 2006 as well as in a Polish concert tour(Warszawa, Kraków and Szczecin) in october 2007.
He took part at the Early Music Week in Bari organized in 2007 by the “Niccolò Piccinni” Conservatory in Bari.
With the guitarist Simona Boni he has given various concerts, playing at the festival Armonie fra musica e architettura in Fellicarolo, at the Giornata chitarristica “Romolo Ferrari” in Formigine, at the festival Momenti Musicali - Concerto Pizzicato - Ricordi del primo novecento at the Communal Theatre "G.Borgatti" in Cento and at the X Festival I luoghi della musica organized by the Province of La Spezia.
Alongside his activity as a mandolinist he dedicates himself to study and research activity in ethnomusicology. In 2003 he has held a seminar on Mandolin at the University of Cremona.
He has studied Ethnomusicology under the guidance of Prof. Diego Carpitella at the faculty of Letters at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome and then he graduated with full marks and cum laude under the guidance of Prof. Francesco Giannattasio with a thesis on the Mandolin in the urban popular tradition in Naples, which is soon to be published.
He holds a degree in Chamber Music at the "Arrigo Boito" Conservatory in Parma, under the guidance of Maestro Pierpaolo Maurizzi, filling a thesis on the mandolin in the music of the twentieth century.
In June 2011 and March 2012 he was a member of the Chamber Music Ensemble "A. Boito" in Parma during the the festivals The grammars of Schönberg and The Schönberg Experience inside the Bologna Festival in 2012, performing the Serenade op.24 under the baton of M° Pierpaolo Maurizzi.
In August 2012 he participated as professor of the Chamber Music course at the International Mandolin and Guitar Campus Domenico Manfredi -Avigliano (PZ), repeated experience in October of the same year in the musical review Protagonista il Mandolino at the Institute of Musical Studies "O.Vecchi-A.Tonelli" in Modena.
He currently teaches Mandolin and Classic Guitar at the E.M.E. music school in Modena.